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Mad Ox (Chefs Pick)

Mad Ox (Chefs Pick)

New Addition to The Beef Range, Juicy Beef Burger with sriracha sauce, Fried Onion Rings and Iceberg. Meal includes Cheese In Burger, Fries and Drink
Beef Burgers

PKR 609

Choose upto 1 (Optional)
Meal PKR 209
Choose upto 13 (Optional)
Cheese PKR 49
Chasse Burst PKR 199
Fried Egg PKR 49
Fried Onion Rings PKR 69
Caramelized Onions PKR 69
Mushrooms PKR 49
Jalapenos PKR 49
Black Olives PKR 49
Jalapeno Sauce PKR 49
Sriracha Sauce PKR 49
Original Bbq PKR 59
Salsa Sauce PKR 59
Grilled Pineapples PKR 56
Choose upto 4 (Optional)
Beef Pepperoni PKR 119
Turkey Bacon PKR 219
Extra Meat Beef PKR 249
Extra Meat Chicken PKR 209
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Minimum quantity is 1.

Total Bill : PKR

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